Continental Topcontact Tires

During our stay we took our Fixed Gear Free Style (FGFS) bikes with us on Norway and we equipped them with some nice Top Contact tires from Continental. It was said they would have ’40 to 50%’ better traction on ice, snow and slippery weather conditions. We gave them the full test in Norway and were very surprised by the results. They work, they work really well even! On dry conditions you really feel they suck to the asphalt and can be a bit too resistant. But on the snow and ice it just works and rides like a charm. Since we ride breakless. and skidd a lot, we need a tire which gives full control during our skidds. So we were wondering how that would be in the Northern weather conditions. But again to our surprise the tire handles just as a normal tire (We mostly ride the Continental Grand Prix tires) would in dry conditions. The costs of these tires are 65 euro each. It’s quite expensive but you get a high end tires which will get you from A to B in the worst snow blizzards and icy conditions. We give it a 8 out of 10! Thanks go out to Continental Netherlands for their sponsorship. We hope they enjoyed our trip and of course the final results.

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